Death Valley Nail Polish

Death Valley Nail Polish. Non toxic, small batch, nail polish. Colors include:

  1. Badwater (Matte black)
  2. Muckweed (Matte green)
  3. Hollering Woman (Cold weather color change. Shifts to nude)
  4. Swan Song for Winter (Cold weather color change. Shifts to ice blue)
  5. Mud in the Water (Brown)
  6. Heatwave (Metallic coppery color)
  7. Seraphim (Silver Glittery)
  8. Glow in the Dark Green
  9. Rhododendron (Whiteish that changes color in the light. Shifts to a purpley color)
  10. Dust to Dust Collection, tinted with ground stones. Shake well. Contains sediment. (NM Moonstone, CO Amethyst, CA Quartz, AZ Chrysocolia)

Three coats recommended. Shake well.


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