We buy vintage from the public by appointment.


Before reaching out to schedule an appointment, please read our guidelines & the list of things we do and do not buy. 


Our style is hippie, rocker, boho, southwestern, & cool unisex. We do not deviate from this. We like statement pieces AND timeless classics that are wearable.


We buy for the current season, or the next season if we are nearing a transition. 


We ONLY buy vintage items dating from the 70s to the 90s. 


Vintage items we are usually interested in are:

  • Leather jackets.

  • Levi’s 501s.

  • Jeans including high waisted and bell bottoms. Pre-90s.

  • Levi’s jackets (or other comparable brands such as Lee or Wrangler).

  • Sterling silver jewelry.

  • Frye boots & bags. Modern is okay.

  • Leather shoes, boots, & bags.

  • Leather cowboy / cowgirl boots. Women’s sizes 7-10. Leather soles & lining preferred.

  • Natural fiber clothing.

  • Handknit chunky sweaters (fall & winter only).

  • 90s floral rayon grunge dresses.

  • Gunne Sax dresses.

  • Indian cotton gauze hippie dresses & blouses.

  • Traditional folk clothing from around the world. Handmade / handwoven / textile art pieces.

Things we don’t want:

  • Fast fashion clothing. Mall store clothing.

  • Anything with odors, specifically cigarette smoke or mildew.

  • Stained or dirty clothing. Reasonable aged patina to leather & denim is okay.

  • Damaged clothing with tears, torn lining, broken zippers, missing buttons, any necessary repairs.

  • Synthetic fiber clothing.

  • Faux leather items.

  • Prim hats & matchy matchy 1950s-1960s Mad Men style clothing.

  • Career wear.

  • Bridal wear.

  • Boring items.

  • Very small or very large sizes.


Sellers must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID & active Venmo account. We offer 30% of the retail price to be paid via Venmo, or 50% in trade. We can not pay outright with cash. Venmo only. Trade is issued as a paper certificate & should be treated as cash. If it is lost, we will not have a record of your balance.

Buying appointments are on location at Good Eye, 111 E Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80903. If you have a massive collection, arrangements can be made for the appointment to be held at your location.